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by Lori Dorfman | Columbia Journalism Review
Monday, July 1, 1996

In response to an article regarding a KVUE experiment with crime coverage in Austin, BMSG's Lori Dorfman challenges KVUE to go even further. She submits that reporters should link their questions to an understanding of public health data on violence.

by Lori Dorfman | San Francisco Examiner
Friday, January 26, 1996

BMSG director Lori Dorfman takes on an Examiner editorial that urged the University of California Board of Regents to rescind its decision to abolish the use of preferential admissions. The editorial, she writes, rests on assumptions that the regents' action was politically motivated and violated academic freedom.

by Lori Dorfman | New York Times
Saturday, September 9, 1995

Californians may have unwittingly replaced the state's university system with the prison system when they voted to approve the "three-strikes" law, which extends prison sentences for habitual offenders. BMSG director Lori Dorfman explains why in this letter to the editor.

by Lori Dorfman | San Francisco Chronicle
Friday, August 4, 1995

In this letter to the editor, BMSG co-director Lori Dorfman calls for the state to stop investing in prisons and instead pour the money into communities to help prevent crime before it starts.

by Lori Dorfman | San Francisco Examiner
Monday, March 20, 1995

In this letter to the editor, BMSG's Lori Dorfman highlights that we all have much to gain from fewer guns in our homes.

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