Other Interests

BMSG's interests in public health issues are numerous. But we can only research the areas we have funding for. Below are the topics our research and training teams want to tackle next. If you’re a funder interested in helping us jump start one of these projects, please contact us and let us know!

Health inequities: reframing race, health, and government

Persistent health disparities reveal serious socioeconomic and racial inequities in America, yet we often avoid needed conversations about race and class in this country. In collaboration with Real Reason, BMSG seeks to articulate new avenues for talking about racial inequities in the context of public health -- ways to make clear not only the disparities that exist now, but also the unnatural and unjust processes and conditions that have created them, and what the role of government is in correcting them.

Reproductive justice

Some of our country's most divisive debates are around birth control access, teen pregnancy prevention and abortion rights, among other critical reproductive health concerns. Though often seen as issues of "right" and "wrong," we know that access to such critical information and services are fundamentally rooted in protecting health, and can have life-and-death ramifications for women and men nationwide. BMSG seeks to identify strategies to shift the discussion around these sensitive topics from a question of morality to a complex framework seen through the lens of reproductive justice.

Climate change from a public health perspective

The effects of climate change represent some of the most fundamental challenges to our society. Diminishing rainfall across the Southwest due to droughts, for example, threatens the security of our drinking water supply and our agricultural production. The public health community has an opportunity to lead policy responses to this crisis, yet has been largely silent on the issue. BMSG is interested in researching how to best frame climate change from a public health perspective and training advocates to disseminate this message to communities and articulate its importance to policymakers.

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