sugary drinks

sugary drinks

Studying the news as a public health strategy

New BMSG research highlights how media monitoring can inform public health efforts on a range of issues from violence prevention to sugary drinks. We'll present findings at this year's meeting of the American Public Health Association. Read more >

Soda tax debates in Berkeley and San Francisco: How were they covered in the news?

Join us at this year's Childhood Obesity Conference in San Diego, where we'll share findings from our latest news analysis of soda tax debates and implications for public health advocates. Read more >

How marketers target communities of color with junk food and sugary drinks

At a San Francisco Board of Supervisors committee meeting, BMSG's Fernando Quintero testified on the tactics food and beverage companies use to target communities of color with unhealthy products. The committee heard — and later recommended for adoption — three new sugary drinks bills at the June 1, 2015 meeting. Read more >

Pushing back against beverage industry marketing and exploitation

New California legislation would help combat diabetes in the communities that are the most affected by the disease — and the most targeted by sugary drink companies. Read more >

Lessons in communication strategy from Big Soda

To block advocates' efforts to tax soda, the industry is wielding a well-oiled PR machine with carefully crafted messages. Knowing what its spokespeople are saying is key to fighting back. Read more >

Talking about soda warning labels: A Q&A with Xavier Morales and Genoveva Islas

Two seasoned public health advocates reflect on diabetes, soda consumption, and the strategic use of mass media to curb them both. Read more >

How Salud America!'s new sugary drinks campaign advances public health

A new campaign attempts to make summer camps healthier places for kids. Here's how we all gain. Read more >

Media advocacy strategy for soda tax measures: Preparing for tough questions

As more soda tax measures hit the ballot, the beverage industry has become increasingly fierce in fomenting opposition. How should advocates respond to questions about government intervention and other hot-button issues? Here are some sample Q&As that may help. Read more >

Casting pebbles in the water: Why defeat in Richmond advances public health

Each time advocates propose a public health policy, more people discuss and understand it. Despite the defeat of Measure N, Richmond residents now know more about the health harms of sugary drinks and may be more likely to support a soda tax in the future. Read more >

What is PepsiCo buying with donations to communities of color?

The National Association of Hispanic Journalists is one of several prominent Latino organizations that has recently accepted large sums of money from PepsiCo. In doing so, such groups gain much-needed funds for scholarships and internships but may risk losing something even bigger.  Read more >

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